SSAB and VR to introduce e-trucks in local deliveries in Finland

SSAB Europe and VR Transpoint, which is responsible for VR's logistics business, have initiated a joint project to electrify heavy-duty industry transports. SSAB Europe will invest in heavy-duty vehicle charging points at the Hämeenlinna Works.

SSAB Europe and VR Transpoint are planning and operating logistics chains aimed at cutting carbon dioxide emissions to a tight schedule. VR is investing in two fully electric semi-trailer combinations which will be used to make steel deliveries to SSAB’s customers in the vicinity of the Hämeenlinna Works. The fully-electric trucks, “e-mammoths”, represent the latest technology and, since an electric motor in itself does not make a noise, will reduce noise nuisance. The trucks will start operating towards the end of the year.

Goal is to electrify heavy transports

SSAB Europe will build heavy-duty vehicle charging points at the Hämeenlinna Works. The new e-trucks will transport SSAB’s steel products straight to customers within a radius of more than 100 kilometers from the Hämeenlinna Works.

“This project supports our goal of largely eliminating carbon dioxide emissions from our own operations in around 2030. Our customers, too, aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in their own operations. We want to do our part in enabling the electrification of the transport of our products by providing charging points that are not yet widely available for heavy-duty vehicles,” says Anders Ek, Site Manager, SSAB Hämeenlinna.

“It’s important to reduce emissions in road transport, as well. Tailored logistics solutions for customers are part of our strategy to further reduce transport emissions. Investing in a new environmentally friendly fleet will help us to improve transport and energy efficiency, and reduce traffic emissions,” says Tommi Välimäki, Head of VR Transpoint road logistics.

In 2023, the companies concluded new agreements on the transport of raw materials and products by rail and road. At an annual level, this amounts to transports of almost two million tonnes. “By developing operations together, we have achieved not only efficient transport chains, but also significant emission reductions. The companies have earlier worked together to develop the largest Finnish freight train, a 690-meter long megatrain weighing 5,200 tonnes when fully loaded, and a so-called mammoth truck, which is one of the largest semi-trailer combinations in regular operation on Finnish roads. Higher volume single transports have helped to improve efficiency and safety, and deliver environmental benefits.”

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom has granted support to VR and SSAB’s joint project, which aims to enable emission-free heavy industrial transports. The data collected will be used in Tampere University’s and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland’s Six Hove project, which aims through a feasibility study to electrify heavy transport and reduce emissions.

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