Conference Presentations

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1 01 The EU’s contribution to decarbonise the steel sector Andrea Gentili European Commission
2 02 Bluemint® Steel: Decarbonization of steel production Carmen Ostwald thyssenkrupp Steel Europe
3 03 Building the world’s first large-scale green steel plant Maria Persson Gulda H2 Green Steel
4 04 Decarbonisation without Deindustrialization – How Machine Learning drives Green Steel Production Tim Eschert Fero Labs
5 05 Future is here – Outokumpu sets benchmark for sustainable stainless steel Max Menzel Outokumpu
6 06 Leading a Green Steel Future Harssha Shetty Jindal Shadeed/Vulcan Green
7 07 Decarbonization in a European context Robert Baron Swiss Steel Group
8 08 Roadmaps for bumpy tracks. Time for revision? Rutger Gyllenram Kobolde & Partners
9 09 Green scrap – the key to sustainable stainless steel Filipe Costa, Martin Geisler CRONIMET
10 10 Leading the Transformation: By redefining its business model and processes, Aperam also supports its customers’ transformation. Geert Verbeeck Aperam
11 11 Electrification of heating processes – the road towards a fossil-free industry Dilip Chandrasekaran Kanthal
12 12 Success stories towards CO2 neutral steelmaking via hydrogen-based technologies Itsaso Auzmendi Sarralle
13 13 Climate change and the production of iron and steel: an Industry View Andrew Purvis World Steel Association
14 14 Pathways to green steel production Joachim von Schéele Linde
15 15 How international standards enable sustainable value chains Annie Heaton, Cosmina Luchian ResponsibleSteel / SKF
16 16 The central role of advanced materials in the green transition Göran Björkman Alleima
17 17 Green steel from the customers’ point of view – technology, new business models, new markets Felix Schmitz Klöckner & Co
18 18 Pure Steel+ – the transformation path of Dillinger and Saarstahl Michael Bott Dillinger / Saarstahl
19 19 Saving energy and CO2 emissions through synchronized scheduling of continuous casting and hot rolling operations Lucas Corts Smart Steel Technologies
20 20 From Renaissance to Sustainability: The Evolution of Steel Production to Carbon Neutrality Katarina Kangert OVAKO
21 21 Infinite Stainless: innovation for next generation Carlos Ruiz Alonso Acerinox
22 22 Navigating sustainable pathways into a green future for steelmaking Tim Kleier SMS Group
23 23 A Major Hydrogen Source for the German Steel Achim Schillak Uniper
24 24 Climate-friendly Steel: The time to act is now Luciana Filizzola GMH Group
Presentation Title Author Company PDF