Our Mission

Green Steel World is a platform dedicated to advancing the decarbonization of steel production. Join us!

About Green Steel World

Green Steel World is a unique platform dedicated to advancing and promoting the latest technologies for reducing carbon dioxide emissions that can be applied to the entire production cycle in steel making plants around the globe.

Green Steel World is therefore an invaluable resource for equipment manufacturers, systems integrators, engineering companies, consultants and steel mills, as well as procurement managers and steel consumers looking for a deeper appreciation of what green steel is and where it can be sourced.

Using the proven multichannel concept developed by KCI Publishing, Green Steel World will provide community members with timely updates on the latest news, views and trends. Regular newsletters will ensure the fast delivery of all ‘need to know’ information, whilst the website is the ideal resource for instant, unrestricted access to a wealth of technical data, news updates, project information, expert insights, podcasts, etc. Readers requiring a more leisurely read should subscribe to the free online magazine publications containing well-balanced content.

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What is Green Steel?

Making green steel – namely steel which has been produced with significantly lower or even zero carbon dioxide emissions – is an important target for governments and industry worldwide in the drive towards a more sustainable future. As yet, however, there is no definition or standard that clearly sets out if a steel is green or otherwise. With companies therefore able to use the term green steel or low-carbon steel at will, announcements need to be carefully weighed in order to properly identify meaningful advances and eliminate hyperbole.

At Green Steel World we do appreciate that companies will have different perceptions; perceptions that, moreover, can change over time. Nevertheless, we will do our utmost to thoroughly sift all news, reports, technical articles, etc, to provide our community with information about an evolving green steel sector that can be relied upon.

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