Outokumpu partners up with Metalshub to digitalize raw material sourcing

Outokumpu, one of the global leaders in sustainable stainless steel, and Metalshub, the leading raw material procurement solution provider, are extending their partnership to digitalize Outokumpu’s raw material sourcing activities.

Outokumpu is a part of a global supply chain by producing stainless steel for leading brands in demanding industries around the globe, and their customers expect them to provide a traceable supply chain and, therefore, they have in place stringent requirements on their suppliers, too. Developing and digitizing the supply chain processes is an important part of this work.

From the very beginning, Outokumpu has used Metalshub for spot-demand sourcing through their public tendering process. Now Outokumpu has contracted Metalshub to expand the usage from solely public tendering purchases, to also capturing direct to supplier or contract call-offs via the sourcing platform. This will improve operational efficiency and standardize documentation in the collaboration with Outokumpu suppliers. Additionally, Outokumpu sees this shift as a necessity to ensure a documented and compliant sourcing process is in place.

“Procurement plays a strategically important role in enabling Outokumpu’s sustainability journey. Therefore, we work together with our suppliers to strengthen the sustainability of the entire supply chain – including environmental, social and governance aspects. We have been looking for the best partner to digitize our sourcing process and have decided that the Metalshub supply chain solution is the best option for us, when considering raw material sourcing. We see this shift as a necessity to ensure a documented, transparent, and compliant sourcing process. We are pleased to collaborate with our partner Metalshub further to cover all our raw materials, and we are now inviting our raw material suppliers to join us on the Metalshub platform,” says Marc-Simon Schaar, Chief Procurement Officer at Outokumpu.

“We believe digital solutions will transform metals and mining, empowering companies to unlock more value, and build a more efficient and sustainable future for the whole industry. We are proud that after a competitive selection process, Outokumpu has chosen us as its long-term technology partner for raw material sourcing. We are confident that this collaboration will set a benchmark for procurement in the steel industry,” says Dr. Sebastian Kreft, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Metalshub.

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