EcoDataCenter first data center to use Alfa Laval heat exchangers with SSAB Zero™ steel

EcoDataCenter to be an industry first in deploying Alfa Laval heat exchangers made using recycled steel produced without new CO2 emissions from SSAB. This deployment signifies a pivotal moment in the ongoing effort to reduce carbon emissions.

“It is crucial for us to leverage innovations together with partners. This underlines the importance of collaborative efforts in mitigating emissions,” says Peter Michelson CEO at EcoDataCenter.

The result of a Product Carbon Footprint assessment of the latest datacenter at EcoDataCenter 1 shows that that 60% of the embodied carbon comes from the equipment. The introduction of Alfa Laval heat exchangers made using SSAB Zero™, a recycled steel produced without new CO2 emissions, is a significant step forward in EcoDataCenter’s mission to reduce emissions.

“Alfa Laval’s commitment to sustainability is further strengthened through our collaboration with EcoDataCenter. By incorporating recycled steel in our heat exchangers, we are not only reducing our own carbon footprint but also driving the entire value chain towards a cleaner and more sustainable future,” says Anna Blomborg, Manager Data Center Alfa Laval.

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