Legrand signs deal with ArcelorMittal for low-carbon emissions steel

Legrand UK & Ireland has become the first company in the UK to buy cold rolled XCarb® recycled and renewably produced steel from ArcelorMittal’s UK Steel Services Centres, to manufacture cable management products.

Cable management products are tools and accessories designed to organize and control cables, wires, and other electrical or networking components in various environments. Swifts cable tray products from Legrand is the perfect example.

XCarb® recycled and renewably produced applies to steel made via the Electric Arc Furnace route using high levels of scrap steel and 100% renewable electricity. The result is a product with a reduction between 65 to 70% of CO2 carbon footprint compared with steel produced via the traditional blast furnace route.

“Legrand has set itself the goal of reaching carbon neutrality throughout the Group’s value chain. The Group is heavily invested in both the development and installation of equipment and solutions that improve building energy efficiency and enable Legrand users to reduce their energy consumption; as well as reducing environmental impact via circular economy product development principles. This eco-design approach concerns all stages of the product life cycle, and Legrand is committed to working with suppliers like ArcelorMittal who deliver lower carbon raw materials with higher recycled content”, said Pascal Stutz, CEO Legrand UK & Ireland.

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Green Steel World Editorial Team

Green Steel World Editorial Team

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