Introducing Green Steel World magazine

Introducing Green Steel World magazine
No matter how big or small you think your impact or contribution is, the editors at GSW are interested in your story.

We are delighted to announce that the first edition of the Green Steel World (GSW) magazine is now out. This magazine has been taken from conceptualisation to realisation stage based on the – often unsung – efforts of a huge number of people. So first and foremost, our sincere thanks to the companies, colleagues and individuals who contributed to or advised on this edition for their time, knowledge, and cooperation. It is our hope that this magazine will be of real benefit to you, our readers. If you have any thoughts, suggestions or feedback, then please do get in touch with us.

On a personal note

“We’re all in this together,” is a phrase used by many business leaders when asked about the need for decarbonisation in the steel industry. It is something that affects all of us. The whole team at GSW have been inspired and enthused by all the professionals working in the steel sector; people who are determined to drive change by finding ways to reduce carbon emissions at all stages in the production of steel.

And change is definitely in the air, as you can read in the pages of Green Steel World’s first issue! Take the Hydrogen Breakthrough Ironmaking Technology project in Sweden, for example. You can read up on this project in our article: “HYBRIT – A trailblazer in steel industry’s green revolution.”

Elsewhere too, other companies are looking to transform. In that light, do read, “The positive reality of Chinese green steel”. Contributed by Mr. Joachim von Schéele, Global Director Commercialization, Linde, this article sheds light on how the Chinese steel companies are looking to go green.

It is widely stated that the steel industry is among the top emitters of greenhouse gases. Traditionally, every ton of steel produced emits on average 1.85 tons of CO2. Consequently, steel players across the globe are increasingly facing a decarbonisation challenge. Therefore, there is a “bright spotlight on steelmakers”. In our Cover Story, “Sustainability: the beating heart of Outokumpu”, Mr. Juha Erkkilä, VP of Sustainability explains why “the time to act is now, not in ten years.” In an elaborate manner, Mr. Erkkilä answers some of the toughest questions and shares the stainless-steel manufacturer’s green steel roadmap.

Of course, you, our readers, are all too aware of the need to transform the steel sector. But what about the next generation? What do they know or even care about low-carbon steel? Well, many of today’s teenagers and young adults are concerned about the future of our planet. This might seem to be a heavy topic for young minds, but they are especially open to concepts such as sustainability if it is explained to them by their favourite celebrities. To see just how much of a positive influence many of today’s popular stars can exert, ,do read the editor’s choice article “Meet BTS – Global pop sensation + Gen MZ’s sustainability crusaders”.

GSW’s vision

The steel industry is not, of course, a single entity, but comprises many different players with unique interests. Such as the technology providers, the iron ore mines, the primary steel mills, secondary processors, steel transformers, stockists, distributors, the OEMs such as car manufacturers who purchase steel and, of course, the final use customers. In short, we are all stakeholders as the steel industry looks to go green.

That is why we aspire to make GSW a one-stop-shop for everything related to green steel for our readers. In wise words of our Director, Mrs. Nicole Nagel, “we share information to spark change”. In a fast-paced and candid interview, “Introducing Green Steel World”, Mrs. Nagel outlines the aims of the new platform, indicates the benefits for members and reveals some exciting plans for the future.

No matter how big or small you think your impact or contribution is, the editors at GSW are interested in your story. Our aim is to create an ecosystem and a safe space to initiate dialogues, facilitate knowledge exchange and open up business opportunities. According to Mr. Christophe Le Rigoleur, Managing Director of Mannesmann Stainless Tubes, “Green steel can be a strong business tool”. In an exclusive interview, Mr. Le Rigoleur talks about the decarbonisation challenges for the steel industry, the urgent need for norms, his personal opinion and much more.

In addition to the aforementioned articles, you can also catch up on the latest news and developments in the world of green steel, as well as follow discussions that took place at webinars. To mention just two, you can find out why “Crafted scrap warrants hot commodity status” (organiser: Primetals Technologies) and read some uplifting thoughts in “United in the pursuit of decarbonisation” (courtesy of H2 Green Steel).

Once again, we sincerely thank you for your interest in the Green Steel World community.

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Green Steel World Editorial Team
Green Steel World Editorial Team
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