World’s first building featuring fossil-free steel

Ruukki delivers sandwich panels featuring fossil-free steel to Tomaten 1 in Lund, Sweden. Together with Peab, SSAB and Wihlborgs, Ruukki they present the world's first building featuring fossil-free steel.

Together with Peab, SSAB and Wihlborgs, Ruukki presents the world’s first building featuring fossil-free steel. The building, Tomaten 1, in Lund, Sweden is an industrial facility covering roughly 6,000 square meters. The fossil-free SSAB steel, made with HYBRIT technology, has been used in the manufacture of the Ruukki sandwich panels in the building. Approximately 40% of the building’s façade is made of fossil-free steel.

Working closely with Smidmek, part of Peab Byggsystem, we at Ruukki have designed, calculated the dimensions and produced the building’s wall and roof structures. Sandwich panels have been used for the walls to create an energy-efficient building envelope with low energy consumption throughout its lifespan.

“Products made from fossil-free steel are part of Ruukki’s aspiration to take the construction industry towards carbon-neutral buildings. The Nordic countries, and Sweden in particular, are pioneers in sustainable construction. This project is an excellent example of how we can revolutionize the future of construction together with our customers,” says Sami Eronen, President of Ruukki Construction.

Life panels with fossil-free steel

The customer chose our SPA E Life 200 sandwich panels for Tomaten 1. Part of the conventional steel in the panels has been replaced with fossil-free steel. Ruukki’s current Life panels already have a carbon footprint that is 20% lower than that of the average European mineral wool panel. The core of the Life panel is made of glass wool, with over 70% of the material being made from recycled glass.

For buildings like Tomaten, fossil-free steel will reduce the façade’s carbon footprint by about 50% by 2026, when fossil-free steel is available on the market at a commercial scale.

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