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Powering sustainability together

For Green Steel World, April is a special month. It is a month when we get the opportunity to further develop dialogue, views, ideas, and action for the rapid decarbonisation of the steel industry. April will witness the launch of two parallel shows: Green Steel World (GSW) and Hydrogen Tech World (HTW). Each brand will feature its own conference programme as well as a dedicated expo area, but all conveniently arranged in a single exhibition hall.

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SteelZero: A strong demand signal accelerating the net zero transition

SteelZero: a strong demand signal accelerating the net zero transition

SteelZero is the first initiative which focuses on driving a powerful demand signal for net zero steel. In an exclusive interaction with the Green Steel World, Ms Jen Carson, Head of Industry, SteelZero at the Climate Group, talks about how the initiative aims to send a strong demand signal to shift global markets and policies towards responsible production and sourcing of steel.

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