Aperam launches Aperam infinite™

Aperam launches its new sustainability brand for all its near-zero footprint premium products, related services and solutions – Aperam infinite.™ Achieving a reduction of up to 85% in carbon emissions compared to the industry average.

Aperam launches its new sustainability brand for all its near-zero footprint premium products, related services and solutions – Aperam infinite™. This will achieve a reduction of up to 85%1 in carbon emissions compared to the industry average, and help customers to reduce their total carbon footprint, particularly in scope 3, and join the circular economy.

Aperam is a world leader in stainless, electrical and specialty steel production, known for its commitment to sustainability and goal of contributing to global carbon neutrality by 2050. Central to transforming its business in Europe was the integration of ELG, a leading recycling company in 2021. Today, Aperam stands out as a fully integrated stainless steel producer capable of recycling large volumes of high quality scrap materials without compromising quality.

Stainless steel – the perfect sustainable material

Stainless steel meets the requirements of the three axes of the circular economy – durability, recyclability and sustainability. It’s corrosion-resistant, durable and has an almost infinite life compared to other materials. The world is hungry to develop – stainless steel is the way to do this sustainably. The company has chosen the name ‘infinite’ for its near-zero* product range because stainless steel is infinitely recyclable, infinitely usable, infinitely adaptable and ultimately, we believe, infinitely good.

“We have transformed Aperam to provide sustainable, high quality stainless steel and specialty alloys at the scale the world needs. Welcome to an infinite world, full of opportunities and possibilities,” saya Tim Di Maulo, CEO, Aperam.

Aperam infinite™ – a promise to customers

Aperam infinite™ is designed with customers and end users in mind. It offers many benefits including:

  • An accelerated path to help customers achieve their CO2 reduction goals, including scope 3 emissions, enhancing their sustainability credentials.
  • An opportunity for customers to use more recycled materials in making their products, thanks to Aperam’s closed loop process.
  • The ability to offer consumers products that have a low environmental impact and a high proportion of recyclable material.
  • By partnering with Aperam, customers can maximise the value of their scrap by selling high purity, well sorted material to the company’s recycling and renewables division, embracing a complete circular model.
  • Additional benefits include brand protection, differentiation from competitors and support in helping customers comply with regulatory requirements.

Closing the loop

Aperam infinite™ closes the loop between a transformed Aperam, ready and able to play its part in delivering industry solutions, and customers who are serious about making sustainability and the circular economy happen.

Leveraging expertise, innovation and best practices

Aperam infinite™ benefits from the company’s advanced expertise in scrap utilisation and its ongoing research in the most sustainable energy sources. It has made a substantial contribution to these breakthroughs by providing:

  • Expertise in scrap collection, sorting and processing by Aperam Recycling, which now achieves an annual collection rate of 1.3Mt of recycled raw materials.
  • Usage of renewable energy resources such as hydroelectricity, photovoltaics and wind power.
  • Usage of charcoal biomass derived from the company’s FSC®-certified BioEnergia forests in Brazil.
  • Investments in pioneering research activities such as Botanickel, a bio-mining process that extracts nickel from industrial soils.

About the company
Aperam is a global player in stainless, electrical and specialty steel, with customers in over 40 countries. As of 1 January 2022, the business is organised in four primary reporting divisions – Stainless & Electrical Steel, Services & Solutions, Alloys & Specialties and Recycling & Renewables. The company has a unique capability to produce near zero carbon footprint stainless and specialty steels from biomass, high quality stainless steel scrap and high performance alloys scrap. Aperam places sustainability at the heart of its business, helping customers worldwide join the circular economy. It is the first player in its market to be ResponsibleSteel™-certified in Europe and the Americas. Its sustainability efforts have received wide recognition.


1 Scopes 1+2, including the sequestration effect of Aperam’s Brazilian forests

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