ABB joins Euromines to contribute to dialogue with EU governments and authorities on sustainable mining

Euromines welcomed technology leader ABB as a member. ABB business leaders will contribute to the promotion and consideration of responsible industry practices in EU policymaking.

Technology leader ABB has joined the European Association of Mining Industries (Euromines), the recognized representative of the European metals and minerals mining industry. Its main objectives are to promote responsible industry practices and engage with EU institutions on mining-related policy matters. Euromines also promotes the benefit and value of both the products and the industry to society, which are critical to boosting European competitiveness.

Euromines serves as a cooperative network of members focused on sharing responsible raw material mining practices. It also evaluates the impact of European and international policies and legislation on the industry and defines industry policy positions and actions. It represents large and small companies and subsidiaries in Europe and in other parts of the world. It has recently launched the Sustainable Mining Initiative in which members share insights on circular economy, nature restoration, decarbonization and community. 

ABB business leaders will contribute to the association’s efforts to improve responsible mining in Europe and provide examples of how innovative technologies for the processing of raw materials have been developed by ABB or in collaboration with customers.

Joachim Braun, Division President, ABB Process Industries will attend the Euromines Policy Committee. Max Luedtke, Global Business Line Manager for Mining at ABB joins the Euromines Sustainability Group while Sylvain Froin, Global Head of Communications and Marketing for Mining at ABB joins the Euromines Communication Committee.

“Raw materials are essential for industry and critical to Europe’s climate goals and strategic autonomy,” said Joachim Braun, Division President, ABB Process Industries. “We are pleased to join Euromines and are looking forward to contributing with best practice examples of technologies that drive increasingly sustainable mining activity in Europe and around the world. ABB automation, electrification and digital technologies enable a more sustainable and research-efficient future; we are already helping and collaborating with customers to decarbonize and reduce energy consumption across the mining industry and across all processes from pit to port.”

Euromines provides services to its members with regard to EU policy and serves as a network for cooperation and for the exchange of information throughout the sector within Europe. The association also fosters contacts with the mining community throughout the world. Euromines represents an interface between the European extractive industry and the European authorities and international or intergovernmental bodies and advocates the extractive industry.

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