Waelzholz and Tata Steel Nederland sign agreement for supply of Zeremis Carbon Lite low-emission steel

Waelzholz and Tata Steel Nederland take an important step towards decarbonisation: companies signed an agreement for the supply of the Zeremis Carbon Lite brand of low-emission hot-rolled steel strip.

In order to achieve its climate targets, the Waelzholz Group relies on suppliers such as Tata Steel Nederland: “90 percent of the product carbon footprint (PCF) is attributable to Scope 3, i.e., the upstream supply chain,” explained Dr. Matthias Gierse, CSO/CPO at Waelzholz. “That’s why the procurement of low-emission hot-rolled steel strip and partnerships like this are extremely important to us.”

The demand for steel won’t decrease in the future, in fact the opposite is true – steel plays a key role in the energy transition. “That’s why it’s important to produce steel responsibly and sustainably, taking all stages of the value chain into account. We can only accomplish this together,“ noted Heather Wijdekop, Commercial Director at Tata Steel Nederland. “Which is why we’re delighted to be working with Waelzholz on the path to sustainable steel production.”

For Waelzholz, the MoU the companies have now signed is the next logical step towards achieving its sustainability goals. “Initially, we will receive material with a PCF that is up to 30 percent lower,” Waelzholz Head of Purchasing Marcus Englberger elaborated further. “The first deliveries of the low-emission hot-rolled steel strip are already planned for the current year.”

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Green Steel World Editorial Team

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