SSAB runs production with fossil-free energy in Italy

SSAB Swedish Steel S.p.A installed solar panels on the roof of their production facility at the end of 2023. The SSAB Ghedi Steel Service Center production now operates fully with fossil-free energy, supporting SSAB’s strategy towards a more sustainable world.

The new steel roof for the SSAB Ghedi Steel Service Center uses a trapezoidal profile provided by Ruukki Construction, a division of the SSAB Group, and is made from sustainable GreenCoat® color coated steel. GreenCoat® color coated steels use Swedish rapeseed oil in the coating. This unique, patented solution from SSAB reduces the environmental footprint and makes the GreenCoat® color coated steel product portfolio the greenest offer for roofs, faҫades and rainwater systems on the market.

SSAB’s sustainability strategy is based on the ambition to offer two zero emission steel products. SSAB aims to be the first to offer fossil-free steel to the market at a commercial scale in 2026, and to largely eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from its own operations in around 2030. The by-product from the steel making process will then be water, not carbon dioxide. The second steel product is SSAB Zero™, which is already commercially available today. It is made of recycled steel with fossil-free electricity and biogas. Now, switching to using fossil-free energy at the SSAB Ghedi Steel Service Center underlines SSAB’s overall sustainable strategy.

The implementation of the project is done by Solnet Group, which offers modern smart solar solutions that provide accurate real-time data on solar utility. The panels will generate an estimated annual energy production of 830 MWh.

“We are happy to be able to reach our sustainability targets with the help of solar energy. We will consume roughly 50% of the solar energy provided by the solar system for our Ghedi steel service center production, office building, and for the charging of our electric vehicles. The rest will be sold back to the grid”, says Julia Seeber, Managing Director, SSAB Swedish Steel S.p.A.

“Our investment in a new steel roof for our Italian Steel Service Centre in Ghedi incorporating SSAB GreenCoat color coated steel supplied by Ruukki Construction and solar panels supplied by Solnet, is another example of SSAB’s commitment to eliminating CO2 in our operations. Whether at our steel mills or further downstream access to renewable energy is critical to reduce CO2 emissions. This investment represents another step in securing this ambition”, summarizes Tony Harris, Head of Sales and Business Development at SSAB Europe.

The SSAB Steel Service Center in Ghedi manufactures cut-to-length steel from well-known SSAB brands like SSAB Laser, Strenx, SSAB Domex and SSAB Boron with an annual processing capacity of 80,000 tons – now all produced with fossil-free energy only.

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