SMS group supports Synhelion in establishing industrial solar fuel plant

SMS group supports solar fuel pioneer Synhelion in the implementation of its thermal energy storage system. The storage system is crucial for the continuous operation of synthesis gas production at Synhelion's DAWN plant.

SMS group commends Synhelion on reaching a significant milestone with the launch of the world’s first industrial demonstration plant DAWN for the production of solar fuels. Synhelion is now moving forward with the commissioning of DAWN to commence solar fuel production in the near future. The innovative plant developed and built by Synhelion marks a crucial step in the defossilization of the transport sector and demonstrates the potential of solar fuels in cutting CO2 emissions.

As a strategic investor and partner, SMS group supported Synhelion in the implementation of the energy storage system used in the DAWN plant. Their commitment here comprised not only financial resources but also expertise from their subsidiary SMS Concast, leveraging Paul Wurth technology. Synhelion’s thermal energy storage system is crucial for ensuring the continuous production of synthesis gas by storing approximately two-thirds of the thermal energy generated during the day.

The necessity for decarbonization, driven by climate change, is supported by scientific evidence. SMS group is committed to significantly reducing CO2 emissions by investing in sustainable technologies such as those developed by Synhelion. In particular, Synhelion’s renewable fuels can sustainably revolutionize the aviation industry, which relies on combustion fuels.

After commissioning, the DAWN demonstration plant will produce several thousand liters of fuel per year. Synhelion plans to build its first commercial plant in Spain starting in 2025. Within ten years, Synhelion intends to increase its production capacity to approximately one million tons of solar fuel per year.

Dr. Stephan Feldhaus, CEO at SMS Concast, and member of the Synhelion Board of Directors, says: As SMS group, we are proud to support Synhelion with the DAWN plant and thus with the scaling of its technology both financially and with our expertise. The cooperation with Synhelion is characterized by great mutual trust and appreciation. We see ourselves as a strategic partner of Synhelion and look forward to our further cooperation.

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