Metalshub partners with Minviro to improve transparency of metals supply chain

Metalshub announces a partnership with Minviro to offer Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) data for steelmaking raw materials to enable procurement teams to better evaluate their Scope 3 emissions.

The metals and mining industry faces a pressing need for transparent and sustainable supply chains to achieve net zero emissions. With raw materials being the largest contributor to Scope 3 emissions for steel mills, the industry requires robust and trusted approaches and tools to capture the environmental impacts of products from mine to market.

With the Minviro integration, Metalshub provides buyers with PCF estimates right at the point of purchase. Minviro’s data is based on a cradle-to-gate approach, following ISO 14040, ISO 14044 and ISO 14064 standards, to capture all impacts from mine to metal. To receive a PCF estimate, the type of commodity, the production process and the material’s country of origin need to be entered on the Metalshub platform. Now the purchasing decision can not only depend on the best offer but also on how it contributes to the decarbonisation goals of a buying organisation. 

“Metalshub’s partnership with Minviro comes at a crucial point when the industry is transitioning to sustainable and transparent supply chains. With Metalshub’s fully digitalised procurement process and reliable Product Carbon Footprint data from Minviro, the mining and metals sector can take data-driven decisions to reduce carbon footprint in Scope 3 and achieve sustainability goals,” – stressed Dr. Sebastian Kreft, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Metalshub. 

“By connecting Minviro’s industry leading Product Carbon Footprint secondary data, Metalshub procurement software allows for purchasers to make informed decisions and embed sustainability data into their products, enhancing sustainability information across the value chain,” – highlighted Dr. Robert Pell, Founder and CEO of Minviro.

Metalshub’s partnership with Minviro is a great step forward for the metals and mining industry to achieve a competitive advantage in sustainability standards.

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Green Steel World Editorial Team

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