INNOVO tackles industrial green premium with bio-refinery innovation

Addressing the significant challenges faced by heavy industries in adopting low-emission technologies, INNOVO - Profitable Net Zero introduces a groundbreaking solution to mitigate the 'Green Premium' costs.

The company’s bio-refinery model presents an economically attractive proposition for industries burdened by the additional costs of transitioning to greener operations. INNOVO’s strategy offers a dual benefit: reducing carbon emissions and turning a profit.

The concept of the Green Premium, representing the cost differential between existing technologies and their sustainable alternatives, has been a barrier for many. INNOVO’s bio-refineries promise to offset these costs by converting industrial emissions into high-demand commodities. This value proposition is particularly crucial for sectors like cement, steel, plastics, and aluminum, where the shift to carbon-neutral processes has been cost-prohibitive.

The company’s bio-refineries are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing industrial operations, requiring only land and emissions output from their partners. This collaborative model promises to revolutionize how industries approach carbon neutrality.

Innovo plans to secure financing for 218 bio-refineries.

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Green Steel World Editorial Team

Green Steel World Editorial Team

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