H2 Green Steel and Roba Metals signed 7-year supply agreement for near zero emissions steel

H2 Green Steel and Roba Metals have signed a 7-year agreement valued at about €150 million for the supply of near zero emissions steel from Boden.

Roba Metals is a family-owned company, based in the Netherlands that is active in different parts of the metals value chain including steel, aluminum, stainless steel, cradle-to-cradle recycling and nonferrous metals. As part of this agreement, Roba Metals will work to develop the regional market for green steel whilst also processing and distributing the steel product from H2 Green Steel to customers via its service center in Genk in Belgium.

“We’re excited to be part of this adventure from the very beginning. We look forward to having the opportunity to offer our customers the option of near zero emissions steel from H2 Green Steel as part of our product range in the near future.” says Florin Negulescu, Director at Roba Metals.

The scope of Roba Metals ranges from purchasing raw materials to smelting, and from sales to logistics, including high levels of delivery services.

“Roba Metals is an important partner in the European steel service center market, that shows that a family driven business can be as active in the decarbonization of the steel industry as larger listed players. We will work together over time to evolve the green value proposition and are committed to show the market what green steel is all about,” says Stephan Flapper, Head of sales, marketing and outbound logistics at H2 Green Steel.  

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Green Steel World Editorial Team

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