Demeter invests in H2 Green Steel

Demeter has invested in H2 Green Steel’s Boden plant via the Climate Infrastructure Fund.

Demeter is a European player in venture capital, private equity and infrastructure investment in the field of energy and ecological transition. Its funds invest between €1 million and €30 million to support companies in the sector at every stage of their development: innovative startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and infrastructure projects.  

In January, H2 Green Steel announced a major fundraising news with sums totaling about €4.2 billion in debt financing and €2.4 billion in equity.  

After this announcement, Demeter has decided to invest in H2 Green Steel as well, and is investing via the Climate Infrastructure Fund carrying out this operation in association with Hy24 through its dedicated investment vehicle. 

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Green Steel World Editorial Team

Green Steel World Editorial Team

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