CELSA Group helps allocate steel by-products

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CELSA Group participates in a European circular project allocating by-products of steel production for asphalting.

CELSA Group, a leading company in Europe in the manufacturing of circular and low-emission steel, is participating in the Horizon 2020 PROBONO project, funded by the European Union, allocating several types of by-products from its steel production process to the asphalting of roads and streets of sustainable urbanizations promoted within the framework of the European initiative.

The company has been integrated into the project together with 46 other partners from 15 countries, to provide validated solutions for the design, construction and operation of sustainable urbanizations and buildings, this is with zero emissions and using recycled materials, which will be tested in the construction of six neighborhoods in six European cities.

CELSA Group is already recovering 90% of the waste it produces during the steel production process.

The use of sieve and slag materials to be used as materials for the asphalting of public roads is a way of valorizing by-products of the steel production process. With their participation in the project, which has started this January and will last until 2026, CELSA Group will test how to take advantage of the sieve land that is generated  in  its circular points (collection centers for ferrous scrap and other waste recovered by the group and where they prepare to produce steel)  and also the slag  derived from the smelting process for the first time, opening the door to the complete recovery of its waste.

The project will allow CELSA Group to advance the strategic goal of zero waste or complete recovery of waste and by-products derived from its steel production process, set by the company for the year 2025, in accordance with its sustainability roadmap.

About CELSA Group

CELSA Group is Europe’s leading producer of circular, low-carbon steel. Family company of world reference has positioned itself as a leader in the manufacture of circular steel, for its integration throughout the value chain, recycling scrap and producing steel in electric arc furnaces, a more sustainable production system that exists today, which has made it a company with low CO2 emissions in its sector. The group has more than 120 production centers around the world, where it generates employment directly, indirectly and induced to more than 70,000 professionals. CELSA Group recycles more than 9 Tn of ferrous scrap per year and avoids the accumulation of waste in landfills to obtain again products of high value to society, avoiding the use of natural resources. The company is made up of six large business groups with steel mills, rolling mills, processing plants, distribution companies, service companies and recyclers.

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